5 Things You Should Not Do On Android Smartphone You


At any time, you must use a smartphone in many ways, both for personal and professional lives. Therefore, the smartphone now seemed to have become part of the life of a human being full of activity like you. Hence, you need to take care of you in order to remain powerful smartphone to come with you anytime and anywhere.

Caring for a way to wipe it until shiny smartphone, or keep it tightly so as not to fall is not significant maintenance to make your Android smartphone can be preserved in the long term. So, what should you do? Well, Jake will tell five things not to do on your Android smartphone.

5 Things You Should Not Do On Android Smartphone You

A.   Never Closes Application Disappearance.
Most of you must often forcibly close the application you are using a task killer or manually from recent apps option. Maybe for a few times of use, you will not feel anything. But, after all this time you apply it, it can ruin your Android smartphone tablets.
Force close an application is one thing that should not be done on your Android smartphone tablets guys. Because, when you open an application, part of the data in the application are stored in RAM. When you open the application for the second time, then load faster because there is already a cache for the application.
If you have to close the application via the task killer or option recent apps, or even delete its cache, the data stored in RAM will also automatically disappear. Meaning, if you want to open the same application, the process of data storage in RAM will start from the beginning again. Thus, the longer you do this, then Android's performance will inevitably decline.

B.    Use prohibited Antivirus Application More Than One
Maybe you feel that you need an antivirus application that Android smartphone you keep in tip top condition. But, you also have to remember if you use antivirus on the Android smartphone will definitely take some of the resources of the device, such as RAM and battery life. Really?
True, because antivirus are applications that always run in the background all the time. Well, the habit is most often done is you install two or more antivirus applications on your mobile phone. Unfortunately, the act is not to be performed on your Android smartphone. Because this would make antivirus crash between applications, and is able to cause the system to become unstable. In addition, installing more than one antivirus also cause excessive system load because such applications are consuming RAM.

C.    Most do, Ignore Update Phone Software Your RAM.
On an Android smartphone, the operating system will always receive updates periodically to correct any deficiencies that occurred before, such as fixing bugs and security issues. Therefore, if you get a software update on your Android device, receive and operasikanlah.
Ignoring update the software on a cell phone is one thing that should not be done on your Android smartphone, you know? Because, if you do not want to update the software, the phone can not get the latest features and menus that are not given in the previous update. In addition, the phone you'll be so slow and likes to hang / lag, would it? So not to be missed again.

D.   Do not Like to Download Apps from Source Unclear
Maybe when you do not find the Android app on Google Play Store, you'll look at Mbah Google to get the APK file. Well, this is where the negative effects. APK files for Android tablets can be manipulated, so that it contains something that can infect your Android device. Did you ever feel that?
Things should not be done on your Android smartphone is never repeated again ya guys. Look, if you really need to really to download applications other than the Google Play Store, you have to seek it from a trusted source, as is often Jaka love just for you. Do not just play download from now!!

E.    reduce time to restart your Android
Things should not be done on other Android smartphone you are not too frequent restart your phone. Sure, it's still a matter of controversy from various parties. Some say if you restart the device once a week to be healthy, but there is also a daily restart was no problem.
Well, actually restart or reboot it is not too problematic. But how much better before doing that, you need to close all applications that were previously unused. This is particularly useful for applications not damaged, and also smartphones remain durable. Understand?
That's five things you should not do on your Android smartphone, which can be provided and quoted Jaka AndroidPIT. You may also want to read more articles like Do not Make 4 It's when the Charge HP, so that you remain durable mobile phone of all time. Is there anything more you know about it? If there is, write in the comments below.

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