How To Prevent Hacking with Operating System Update

How To Prevent Hacking with Operating System Update - Leaked information from WikiLeaks tool to be used Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to hacking and cyber spying on devices running Android, iOS, including a couple of smart TV,

Google and Apple as Android and iOS pembesut immediately respond to such information. The two companies that ensure the devices already installed the latest operating system will not be affected tool called the Vault 7.


However, the user may be aware of whether the devices are already running the latest operating system, including how to update it.

For that, quoting from the pages of Wired, collecting means for updating an operating system in Android and iOS devices.

Apple is known to be quite routine roll out an update to iOS. You just need to wait until there is a notification indicating that an update or a newer version of iOS is ready for download.

Even when you miss it, there is an easy way to do it. Just go to Settings, select General, and Software Update. After that, select Download and Install.

When the entire process is completed, you can set the time of installation. But keep in mind while doing the installation, make sure the smartphone has enough battery power.

- Android
Different from iOS, an update to Android not as smooth as the Apple operating system. The reason, Android is used by different vendors, so the update is rolled require adjustment first.

But the problem can actually be solved, if you use the Nexus series smartphone or Pixel. This is possible because the two models will certainly receive security updates and operating systems on a regular basis directly from Google.

Nevertheless, several other vendors also have committed to deliver more regular updates. Therefore, for you who want to download and install the update can do it manually.

You simply open Settings, select About Phone and System Updates. If there are updates, you just download it and arrange installation. But first, make sure perangkatmu has enough power.
Wred, Tuesday (14/3/2017), Tekno

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