1. Free variables Independent
Free variables or called by the Independent variables namely variables of the alleged causes of the incidence of other variables and these variables are manipulated, usually observed and measured to know its effects on other variables. In a nutshell the variables that affect the variable is free or be a cause of changes in the dependent variable or incidence (tied). Non-functioning variables to know its effects on other variables.
Example: Z is a free variable Fertilizer. Called so because fertilizer Z will affect plants.Z amount of fertilizer can be manipulated with the increase or decrease in number during the process of research. Another example: A study with the title: "Factors  factors that affect the occurrence of hypertension in pregnant women." Based on the title, then its free Variables (for example) is obesity, High Salt Diet, Genetics and Age.While the Variable terikatnya is hypertension.

2 .Variables bound to or Dependent or Output variable or criteria or consistently.

While the dependent variable or dependent variable is the variable that arises because as a direct result of the manipulation and influences of free variables. In a study of variable depending on the observed and measured to know the influence of the free variables. Here the dependent variable is also called with the variable bound to the variable that is affected or which become due, because of the free variables. Variables depending on the function to know the influence of the free variables.

Example: in the research of peanut plants above, or more specifically, fertility is variable depending on the bean plants. Another example, the influence of Advertising Against the purchase Motivation. Advertising is the independent variable is the dependent Variable Purchase Motivations.

3. the Intervening Variables/between

Intervening variables/variables is Between theoretically affect the relationship between the independent variables with the dependent relationship that is not directly and cannot be observed and measured. These variables can be measured and observed, but its effects can be deduced from the relationship that exists between the variable and the variable depends.

Example: increasing rice production results in a wetland that is measured by the unitcost of fertilizer use is high, the cost of purchasing the rice seeds are high, and a good watering, do not experience increased rice production results significantly. Then having examined carefully, it turns out that most of the paddy fields are stricken with pests and rodents.

4. The Moderator Variables
Moderator variable is a variable that affects (could strengthen or weaken) the relationship between the free variables and bound variables. Moderator variable is also called the second free variables i.e. variables are selected, measured and manipulated, observed by researchers for allegedly influenced the relationship between the free variables and variable dependent or independent variable is also called the second IE variable that affects the relationship between the independent variables with the dependent. Moderator variable function to affect the relationship between the free variables with varibel hanging. Example: About fertilizer Z, can be presumed there are several factors that affect the course of the research, such as land, water, planting pots as a medium, and the rays of the Sun.
Example: employee training undertaken a company with the aim to improve skills incompleting administrative tasks. All employees who follow the training had the same education level. But after finishing the test dandilakukan skills training, as it turns out the ability of employees who came from sekolahkejuruan, have better skills than employees who come from public schools. The difference in the skills of employees who come from vocational school, dibendingkan with job skills is caused by the presence of perbedaankemampuan absorbing material presented when carrying out the training. This condition can occur because there is a moderator variable can causekaryawanyang comes from public schools have lower motivation to follow trainingwhen compared with employees who came from a vocational school. In the example of training is the independent variable, the dependent variable is the work achievements, and motivation to follow the training of moderators is variable. Or in other words, the moderator variable has a significant contribution against the ability of the independent variable in the dependent variables affect.

5. The Control Variables
The control variable is a variable that can be controlled or made constant so that the dependent variables independent of influence is not influenced by external factorsthat are not examined. Generally the control variables are often used for this type ofcomparison of research investigators. Variable control serves to neutralize its influence on the variable depends.
Example: is there a difference between a salesperson (sales force) who graduated D3 and S1 then it should set the control variable in the form of salary are the same, the same tools, the same work climate, and others. In the absence of a control variable is then hard to find whether the difference in appearance due to employee education.

6. Variable continuum
This variable describes the changing value of the existence of that show diversity results from the ' measurement '. On the variables we make rankings and put them in one continuous. Putting people on the rankings, for exampleto rank one, second, third and so on based on certain criteria, however this does not explain exactly how the distance between each ranking.
Example: attendance: present, absent; Gender: male, female.

Continuum variables are categorized into several sections, namely:
Ordinal Variable a): i.e. a variab

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